0today is
2014 USPSA Multi Gun Nationals

13days until
2014 Single Stack Nationals

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2014 Revolver Nationals

29days until
2014 VA/MD Sectional

133days until
2014 Area 8 Championship

157days until
2014 Open/ Limited/ L10/ Production Nationals

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2013 Area 8 Championship

Thank you to all of our sponsors, staff and competitors

 for making this years event another great match!!!!!!


All of the winners have donated their winnings back to the

fund raiser's. THANK YOU for giving back to our sport and


SC/ Bullets For Boobies

KC Eusebio

Chris Keen

Chris Stump

Shotgun/ A8 JR Fund

Matt Olinchak

Rob Leftridge

Seth Long


2013 EGW Area 8 Championship


2013 EGW Area 8 Championship SPONSORS