2018 Area 8 Championship Staff Registration


Staff Registration

2018 Is going to be one hell of a year for the Area 8 Championship.  Last year  I did my best to keep my staff happy and make the match less grueling for them.  If you are here, you either know from firsthand experience or the word got out.  This year I will try to match what we did last year and improve the communication between myself and the staff.

Mark Evans is my staff coordinator again this year and will be keeping track of you fine volunteers for me during the lead up to and at the match.  This is a big weight off my shoulders and should also result in positive communication with you.  I am also implementing this fancy registration process so there is no doubt in your minds what I expect from you and you can expect from me.  So lets get to the nitty gritty…..

The dates for the match will be August 23-26, 2018.  That’s a 4 day match.
Staff will shoot on Thursday starting on the stage they are assigned to.  There will be paid competitors mixed in as well.
Friday thru Sunday will be all paid competitors.
I need staff that can shoot Thursday and work Friday thru Sunday.  If you are unable to make all four days and still want to help, fill out the staff form and if we still need staff we will reach out as the match gets closer. If you are not volunteering for all four days – you MUST register for the match as a normal competitor so you don’t lose your slot if you don’t end up staffing. If there are special circumstances email mark@xanathar.org after submitting the form.
I know this doesn’t feel fair all the time but for consistency sake, the budget and planning, that is how we will be proceeding.

Breakfast will be available each morning at the match hotel and hot coffee on the range by the vendor, free to staff.
Lunch will be provided by vendor on site.
Dinner….. you’re on your own…. Except for Friday night when we will have the Staff Banquet.

Any staff that needs a room at the match hotel will get one.  If you are local to the range and don’t have a need to stay at the hotel that would be great.  The match will pay for half of a room per staff member.  If two staff members are in a room the room is free for them.
Similar to last year, if you intend to come work on final setup Wednesday and are staying in the hotel, the match will pay for Wed night.  If you plan on driving in late Wed and need a room I will have to collect a payment from you for the room that night.
If you have a roommate preference, I will need to know what that is.  If you are bringing a significant other and wish to have a king size bed, that can be arranged as well.
If you want your own room and you are the only staff staying in it, I will need to collect payment for the half the match isn’t covering.
*At the time of this web form I do not have a contract with the hotel and do not have the cost for you.  Mark will be in touch with those details.

Stage Squads:
I very much want to accommodate as many requests for squadding and working with your friends as possible.  This is not always reality.  I cannot have a stage with 3 CROs while another has 1 RO and 2 helpers.  Once I have my Staff meeting on Wed night where we fit everyone into the stages they will be working you will know the results the following morning.  I will try to have the working list posted in the breakfast area as well as the range.
I know this isn’t a preferred method, but I have to stay flexible until the last minute when I will know for sure who is actually on the range.
Get your learn on:
We need ROs and CROs but never turn away “helpers”.  Helpers are the folks that can do any job at a stage with the exception of running a shooter.  So, if you do not have RO or CRO status you are a Helper.
I am willing to find my helpers classes to get them RO status as long as you have the desire and the time.  I will do my best to make something happen.

If you understand all of this and are ready to sign up please follow these instructions:
Click this link to fill out the staff registration form.

Staff Registration Link

You will receive a link to sign up on Practiscore for the match after you have been approved or once the match is set up in January if you are volunteering early.  Once you have registered for the match do not try to squad yourself.  As I mentioned, that will be done the night before you shoot.

If you have questions, please email Mark at mark@xanathar.org after filling out the above form. We can always change details later but this will get you recorded.
You can use your link, emailed to you from Practiscore, to update any other registration information as needed.
Mark will update you on any of the finer details as he gets them.

Thanks for volunteering,

Bill Duda
Match Director
EGW 2018 USPSA Area 8 Championship