2018 Area 8 Championship Sponsorship Sign-up

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2018 Area8 Championship Sponsor Registration


If you found this page it is because we have asked you to, or you have shown interest in, your business being a part of the 2018 USPSA Area 8 Championship. We value our sponsors a great deal and put a lot of work into providing value for your participation. The typical USPSA competitor spends hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on various firearm related products.  Our match draws these people from all over the eastern seaboard and we reach people all over the country through our social media postings.

Once again this year we are implementing this online form to more precisely exchange information and to streamline the sponsorship process. Here you will find everything you need to know about the different sponsorship levels and what value we offer for each.

!!Please read this page thoroughly before making a selection and submitting the form.  By submitting a sponsorship form, you are agreeing to the terms of the sponsorship level you select!!


This year’s championship will once again be hosted at Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club in New Tripoli, PA from August 23rd through 26th.  This 4 day event will see hundreds of avid competitive shooters and their friends and family.  



While we prefer the available levels be met, we are willing to work with sponsors who have a different idea of what they want.  Please let us know if there is something custom that we can work on to better represent you.

Division Sponsor:  There are only 8 available slots, one for each division.   This is the top sponsorship tier for the match, other than the Title Sponsor which has already been announced.  Division sponsorship level receives the most brand recognition we can offer.   

$2000 in Product or $1200 in cash.

Here is what we do to promote your brand in front of hundreds of competitors for this level:

-  Largest size logo on the “winners circle” banner
-  Special mention at the safety briefing
-  Brand mentioned on 2 stage briefings
-  Full page ad in match book (provided by sponsor)
-  Banners on 2 stages (provided by sponsor)
-  Logo on 2 of the stages in the match book
-  Special mention in Front Sight magazine in article for the 2018 Area 8 Championship
-  Logo on at least 2 target stand billboards
* Two (or 3 with cash option) Sponsored slots for your designated competitors
-  Company Brand on the back of the performance Staff shirt which will be made available for purchase to anyone
* - Sponsors that come on board after March 31st will not have slots available to them

Stage Sponsor:  There are 13 available slots.  This level is similar to Division, but lacks some of the perks.  This is our most popular sponsorship level and for good reason.  One of the 12 stages in the match will be designated as sponsored by you.  

$1500 in product or $900 in cash

-  Medium sized logo on the winners circle banner
-  Brand mentioned on assigned stage briefing
-  Full page ad in match book (provided by sponsor)
-  Banners on your stage (provided by sponsor)
-  Logo is the main logo on your stage of the match book
* Two (or 3 with cash option) Sponsored slots for your designated competitors
* - Sponsors that come on board after March 31st will not have slots available to them

Class Sponsor:  There are 12 available slots.  This level offers great brand recognition for the price but doesn't offer as much brand exposure as the higher levels.  

$500 in Product or $300 in cash

-  Small sized logo on the winners circle banner
-  Half page ad in match book (provided by sponsor)
-  Your banner at one of the safety tables all competitors visit (provided by sponsor)

Specialty Sponsor:  These Sponsors are usually something specific we ask from certain companies to meet a special need.  Most common and familiar is a Match Ammo Sponsor,  Chronograph Sponsor, Target Sponsor, etc.  The level of this sponsor within the match will be negotiated with the brands chosen to represent these types of needs.  Should you desire something within this category please let us know.

In addition to the level-specific packages listed above, all sponsors get the same basic package that includes the following:

-  Thank you message and social media share on social media
-  Inclusion of logo and website link on the Area 8 website’s sponsorship tab
-  Brand mention at each live give-away when your prize is called out
-  Only sponsors products and brands are featured on Area 8 Social media channels

Sponsor Provided Items and Other Details


A picture is worth a thousand words, and banners are one of the best ways to get your brand to stick in the minds of our shooters.  We will let you know where to send your banner and when we need it by.  Also, we know that banners are expensive so we will gladly return yours to you if you provide us with a prepaid return shipping label.  Within a week of the match being over it will be on its way.  Banners not sent with a return shipping label will be considered a gift for us to maintain until next year’s match in hopes that you sponsor again.

The match photographer (yes, we have one) has been asked to photograph shooters running the stages with your logo in frame.  This gives you potentially thousands more "shares" of your company's logo on social media.  We also place banners before the match based on the photographer’s suggestions.   Like I said, banners are VERY important.

Brand Logos:

We do a lot of promotion using your brand logo.  Without a good quality digital logo file, we are left pulling whatever we can find from the internet.  This typically results in one of two conditions.  Either we cannot fully promote your business on items requiring high resolution images or you get some of the lowest quality promotions due to low quality from "blown up" images.

Specifically, we need the following:

-  High quality .jpg of Brand Logo
-  Vector file of Brand logo (ends in .ai or .esp)
-  1/2 page or Full page advertisement for inclusion in the match book. This can be a PDF, .jpg, .gif, etc.

We will ask you to either email these to us, or provide us with a link to download them.

Prize Submissions:

To make the best impression with your prize we need your help when choosing what you are going to send us.  Physical prizes are always welcome, but our experience is that gift certificates offer you and the shooter better value.  As such, please consider offering gift certificates this year, and here's why:  It is hard to track response from a sponsorship when the prize is physical.  It's given to the shooter and that's that.  A gift certificate of meaningful value, will send the winners to your websites to shop and in turn to learn more about your brand.  If they decide they don’t have a use for the certificate and offer it to someone else you still get that exposure and awareness of where your sponsorship leads.  We will be conducting 4 live give-aways and suggest you have at least that many items so your business will be announced at each event.  The total value of the prizes or certificates should equal the sponsor level requirement and be valid long enough for winners to use them.  We recommend the be good for one year from the match to avoid overlap but give the winner a chance to decide to use it.

“Meaningful Value” implies that the prize is something shooters can actually use.  In the past we have received everything from $250 to $10 Gift certificates.  Sometimes, more prizes are better, but a $25 gift card may be useless to someone if your products offered are generally in the $500 range.  Gift certificates that are too small to offset the cost of purchasing your products often go unused and then your investment is wasted.  So if you do decide on gift cards please consider what you would do with the amount you are offering in relation to the products you sell.  Would you be truly excited to receive it?

If you choose to send a physical prize, that's perfectly fine.  The value of the prize to a competitor should be considered.  While I do not want to discourage any product you wish to send, some will be combined to create a real value for the winner.  Such is the case for a stack of random sized shirts or small parts like springs and sights for specific firearms.  These will be combined with other products you send but still mentioned as part of a kit or package.  i.e. a competitor might receive “A Joes Gun Shop $25 gift card and 1911 rear sight Package”.

Vendor space at the match:

2016 was the first year in my 6 years of going to the Area 8 Championship that we had vendors on site.  This was a huge success for the vendors and the match itself.  During the on-site give-away, being able to point to a vendor and say, “this certificate is redeemable right over there”, made a huge impact in recognition.  This participation elevates the value of the match and your recognition.  While not all sponsors can be vendors all vendors must be sponsors.  I cannot show favoritism or lessen the value of other contributors by requiring anything less.  I am certain your presence on the range will be felt in new business and customers well after the match, making your sponsorship well worth its value.

Sponsor announcements:

We started last year by making sponsor announcements on social media.  We spaced them out about once a week to not overload viewers and diminish their interest in participating in them.  This year we will adhere to a similar schedule and will include an email to current registrations to properly cover everyone participating and maximize your sponsorship.  The order of the announcements will be by Sponsor level and then by first come first serve.


For obvious legal reasons, we cannot give away actual guns at the match.  We have an FFL participating that will hold any real firearms you wish to use as a prize.  The winners will turn in a certificate to have their gun sent to a local FFL for a proper transfer.  If you want to send actual guns please make let us know and we will send you the necessary information.

Sponsor Slots:

Some levels of sponsorship earn sponsor slots for competitors of your choosing.  These slots will not be transferred to any competitor without your written approval.  With the match expecting to sell out very quickly, we have reserved squads to fulfill your shooter’s requests.  These squadding slots will be opened to the public after the new sponsor deadline.  If your shooter requests to be in a different squad other than what we have designated we will do our best to fulfill those requests.  We will not overload already full squads for sponsor slots.  We will add them to the waitlist for that squad and do our best to fulfill the request in turn.

Cash is King:

We have implemented a new approach to the sponsor levels this year.  While we appreciate your contribution and work hard to show value for your sponsorship, we realize it’s not directly contributing to the benefit of the match.  There are things we would like to be able to do to make the match better, and thereby drawing more attention to your brand, but the only money available to the match is from competitor fees.

To promote cash contribution we will not only reduce your contribution requirement by 40% but this will also be the only avenue to gain an extra sponsor slot.  Please consider this option if you have a large team and help us make this match even better than before.


Please understand, for our sanity we must have deadlines on sponsor submissions.  To keep the value for each sponsor level consistent, and as we promised, we must make certain each sponsor participates at the level they have chosen.  There are items that must be sent to print and money to be spent, ahead of time, in your name.  So, we must be certain of your participation to stay fair to the other sponsors fulfilling their promises.

We reserve the right to strip any sponsor from the above mentioned perks for not meeting a deadline.

Any new sponsorship after the new sponsor deadline may not receive all of the perks listed due to time constraints and other limiting circumstances.

The deadline for new sponsor submissions will be June 1st, 2018.

The deadline for sponsor prize deliveries will be July 1st, 2018.


Thank you for your consideration,

Bill Duda                                                                          Brianna Ennis

Match Director                                                               Sponsor Coordinator

2018 USPSA Area 8 Championship                         2018 USPSA Area 8 Championship

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to be a partner in the Area 8 Championship as a sponsor, and will fulfill your participation requirements by the deadlines due listed above.

If you do not receive an email confirming your sponsorship in 24 hours, please contact us at bri.ennis815@gmail.com.  We will confirm your slot and get you all the information required.



August 23, 2018

Sponsorship TypeSponsorships Remaining
Open Division - $2000Filled
Limited Division - $2000Filled
Limited-10 Division - $2000Filled
Production Division - $2000Filled
Single Stack Division - $2000Filled
Revolver Division - $2000Filled
Carry Optics Division - $2000Filled
PCC Division - $2000Filled
Stage Sponsorship - $1500Filled
Class Sponsorship - $5007 Filled, 5 remaining:  Sign up »